5 Common Problems With Starkey Hearing Aid (Troubleshooting)

starkey hearing aid problems

Starkey hearing aids are popular for their pricing, efficiency, and design! However, small but important healthcare devices like these are not immune to breaking.

What are the common problems with Starkey Hearing Aid?

According to Starkey Support, Starkey hearing aids’ most common problems include a dead battery, a damaged hearing aid, or a hearing aid whose function has been blocked by a buildup of wax or other debris.

In this article, we’ll go over the 5 Common Problems with Starkey Hearing Aid, as well as troubleshooting and more!

5 Common Problems With Starkey Hearing Aids (Troubleshooting)

The importance of a good hearing aid cannot be overstated. The product you choose will become a part of your every day life, and much of your daily activities will come to rely on having a hearing aid that works.

Starkey hearing aids are commonly purchased. However, it is important to understand the 5 common problems with Starkey Hearing Aids.

  1. Hearing Aid is Too Quiet
  2. Hearing Aid Has No Charge
  3. Sound is Warped
  4. Hearing Aid Does Not Work Consistently
  5. Hearing Aid Does Not Respond to Remote

Let’s go over each of these common problems to understand not only what the 5 most common problems with Starkey hearing aids are, but what causes them and how to possibly fix them!

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1.   Hearing Aid is Too Quiet

This is the most pressing and sometimes most distressing problem you can run into with a hearing aid of any kind, regardless of whether or not you have chosen to use the Starkey brand.

In reality, however, sometimes the sound that the hearing aid is designed to give you access to is simply not loud enough.

Is this a problem with the aid’s performance, your own hearing, or a matter of personal preference? Let’s find out together!

Starkey hearing aids which are not getting loud enough for your liking may be doing so for multiple reasons. For example, if a portion of the hearing aid’s equipment is blocked by any substance, you won’t get that loud and clear sound you’re searching for.

Even if the hardware itself is not damaged, your hearing aid may be suffering from a bad battery.

If the problem is the dying battery, you can find this out by simply replacing the old battery with a fresh, fully charged one. 

If, however, the problem is not the battery, but a buildup of debris in the hardware blocking sound, you will need to clean the hearing aid.

You can do this by carefully making sure the receiver rube of the hearing aid is unblocked and carefully brushed clean.

Debris can also build up in the Starkey Hearing Aid’s Hear Clear wax guard; after all, blocking earwax is its function. Simply replace the Hear Clear guard and you may find the audio level significantly improved.

Even if it is not the actual hearing aid that is damaged or working improperly, your own hearing may have gotten used to the volume that the aid produces and built up a type of tolerance to it.

 Either that or your hearing has deteriorated. If either of these is the case, you will need to make an appointment with your hearing professional in order to resolve the issue.

2.   Hearing Aid Has No Charge

Another reason you’ll find that a hearing aid does not produce the correct amount of volume is if it is completely dead.

If your hearing aid appears totally unresponsive and without an electric charge, it is likely that the battery is dead.

You can check to see if this is the case in one of two ways. Firstly, you can check the hearing aid’s battery by simply replacing it. If you notice an immediate difference, you’ll know that your problem was simply a dead battery.

Secondly, you can use the Self Check method located on your iPhone as long as the hearing aid was paired to your phone.

Finally, your hearing aid itself may have been damaged to the point where it can no longer retain power, and you should consult your hearing professional.

3.   Sound is Warped

Unclear sound is sometimes even worse than sound that is too quiet because it has the added element of being frustrating or irritating.

If your Starkey Hearing Aid’s sound is distorted, it could be the result of a battery that is low.

Without sufficient power, a hearing aid cannot perform its function. Replace the battery and see if the sound is clearer.

If this does not fix the problem, remove and replace the original Hear Clear guard before finally deciding to consult a hearing professional.

4.   Hearing Aid Does Not Work Consistently

If your hearing aid only works every once in a while, do not worry: you don’t need to settle for a faulty or fare-whether device! Instead, consider the fact that it may be your battery running low or your Hear Clear wax guard may be too obstructed by dust and debris to work properly.

If swapping your battery and Hear Clear wax guard out for working ones does not help, consider consulting your hearing professional.

5.   Hearing Aid Does Not Respond to Remote

Sometimes the Starkey Hearing Aid paired with your remote control may fail to respond to any kind of commands or signals.

This could show up as the LED lights failing to illuminate on the remote itself, or it could show up as a lack of response from the aids themselves.

Sometimes, your Starkey Hearing Aid may not even pair with a Remote. If these things happen, it could be because your remote is locked.

This lock state is meant to give you more control over the accessibility to your hearing aid, but if it is in the locked position, it will not receive signals.

Simply go to the lower switch and flip it from “LOCK” to “UNLOCK.”

What to Do if Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Working Properly >> Check out the video below:

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Starkey Hearing Aids are great devices and can become important components of everyday life.

However, if your Starkey Hearing Aid stops receiving signals from its remote or produces quiet or unclear sound, it is usually due to a faulty battery, wax guard, or locked remote. 

Once all of these possible problems have been dealt with, your hearing aid should work! However, it is always best to consult a hearing professional if you continue to experience frustration with your Starkey Hearing Aid.



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