Starkey Hearing Aid Warranty (What’s Covered + More)

Starkey Hearing Aid Warranty

Do you know what Starkey’s hearing aid warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

As the topmost manufacturer of hearing aid devices, Starkey creates quality reliable products to improve the lives of the hearing impaired. The question arises, does Starkey provide a warranty for hearing aid devices? What exactly does the warranty cover?

Starkey provides “Worry-Free Warranty” for most of its models, which customers can avail in case their hearing aid device requires repair or replacement due to any sort of damage.

As long as the hearing aid device is in working condition, customers can benefit from the Worry-Free Warranty.

How Long Does Starkey’s Warranty Period Last?

Starkey provides a comprehensive warranty on all of their hearing aid products. The company understands that investing in a hearing aid is a big decision, which is why customer satisfaction is their topmost priority.

The Worry-Free Warranty covers all manufacturing defects and offers repairs or replacements for up to as long as the hearing instruments are in working condition.

In addition, the company also offers a loss and damage protection plan that can be added on to any warranty. This plan covers accidental damage and physical theft, and it also provides for the rental of a replacement aid if yours is lost or stolen.

With their comprehensive coverage, the client can rest assured that their investment is protected. Starkey also provides a 30-day money back guarantee for its products.

Does Starkey Accept Requests For All Kinds Of Repairs?

Starkey accepts requests for the following kinds of repairs:

  • Repair due to internal component damage
  • Repair due to external damage
  • Repair/Replacement due to improper fit

For more complex repairs, your hearing aid will be sent to Starkey’s laboratory and you will receive a loaner instrument till the hearing aid is completely fixed.

What Does Starkey’s Hearing Aid Warranty Cover?

Starkey hearing aids come with a standard one-year warranty that covers repair or replacement due to defects in workmanship or materials. In addition, the warranty covers loss or damage due to normal wear and tear.

However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, negligence, or exposure to extreme conditions. 

If you have a problem with your hearing aid during the warranty period, you can contact Starkey’s customer service department for assistance. Starkey also offers extended warranties for an additional fee.

These warranties provide coverage for two or three years and include loss and damage protection. For peace of mind, extended warranties are a great option for hearing aid users.

How To Prevent Your Hearing Aids From Getting Damaged?

While Starkey provides warranty for its products, prevention is always better than cure. Starkey has mentioned some of the maintenance tips for its hearing aid devices, which we have summarized below:

  1. Do not try to repair your hearing aids by yourself in case they get damaged. None of the DIY methods available online are guaranteed to work out. At worst, you may end up further damaging the hearing aids and risking your own safety whilst using them.
  2. Make sure to take your hearing instruments off while showering or swimming. Keep them away from water and extreme temperatures.
  3. In case your hearing aids get wet by accident, do not use ‘quick dry methods’ such as heating in a microwave or rubbing with a towel. Store them in a dry environment and let them air-dry. If they get damaged or you experience distortion of sound while using them, send them to Starkey for repair as soon as possible.
  4. After use, make sure to store your hearing aids in a place free from pets, sharp objects, and children.
  5. Visit a medical provider at least twice a year for follow-up sessions. Hearing loss and impairment may be affected over time, so it’s a good practice to be tested time and again in case of any developments.

Why Choose Starkey Over Other Manufacturers?

Starkey’s hearing aid devices have a lot more to offer than typical hearing instruments you’ll find in the market.

They don’t just design functional devices – they incorporate smart technology and sophisticated aesthetics in their products so that the user sees them as an extension to their personality rather than a medical device they have to carry all day long.

Starkey’s hearing aid devices are customizable to fit any ear size and have features such as rechargeability, extensive battery life, controls for volume, cushioning, and so on.

They also have options for the placement of the hearing aid device, such as Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Receiver-In-Canal (RIC), In-The-Canal (ITC) etc.

Are Starkey’s Products Durable?

As the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing aids, Starkey is committed to providing customers with products that are not only effective but also durable.

Unlike other brands that use lower-quality materials, all of Starkey’s hearing aids are made from scratch-resistant materials.

In addition, many of Starley’s hearing aids are coated with a hydrophobic layer that repels water, making them ideal for active users who don’t want to worry about their hearing aids getting wet.

And if you do happen to damage your hearing aid, Starkey’s warranty covers all repairs and replacements.

With its commitment to quality and durability, it’s no wonder that Starkey is the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing aids.

Who Should Purchase Starkey’s Hearing Aids?

Starkey’s hearing aid devices are suitable for a wide range of audiences. It is important to consult a medical practitioner first so that you get diagnosed.

Starkey lists down some of the common signs you may be experiencing hearing loss, such as the following:

  • You may experience the need to repeat yourself several times while talking to people.
  • While watching television, what seems to be a normal volume to you appears to be loud to other people.
  • You might feel as though other people are mumbling while talking to you.
  • You experience prolonged tinnitus – a constant ringing in your ears.
  • Other people speculate that you may have a hearing issue.


Starkey not only provides functional, aesthetic, and smart hearing aid devices to users experiencing hearing impairment, they also provide warranties and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a durable pair of hearing aids or peace of mind in knowing that your investment is protected, Starkey has you covered.


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