Signia Hearing Aid Warranty? (What´s Covered + More)

Signia Hearing Aid Warranty

Do you know what Signia hearing aid warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Though the quality and fit of a product is a crucial factor when choosing a hearing aid, a big part of user experiences with them depends on post-purchase support.

Particularly on the warranty policy. If you have purchased or planning to a Signia hearing aid, you would be interested to know what is covered by the Signia hearing aid warranty.

Signia provides two years of comprehensive warranty coverage for their products. Electronic components, casings, CROS transmitters, remote controls, chargers, and so on are covered if they are in need of repair.

Who makes Signia hearing aids?

Signia is a relatively new brand-name on the market of hearing aids, and this is the reason why many people have doubts about the quality of their products and warranty coverage.

Signia hearing aids are made by WS Audiology, the company created by the merger of Widex and Sivantos Group.

Sivantos Group was formerly known as Siemens Hearing Instruments after it was sold by Siemens AG to EQT VI.

So, while Signia is a new name on the market, it comes from a company with arguably the most experience and expertise in developing and making these products.

What’s covered by the Signia hearing aid warranty?

The Signia hearing aid warranty covers first and foremost the manufacturing defects of any and all parts of their products, within the two years period after the purchase date.

But besides this two-year period, for many of their products, you can purchase an extended warranty of additional 12 months.

So, let’s cover the warranty conditions in depth.

Electronic components

The electronic components of Signia digital hearing aids and CROS devices are covered with a 2-year warranty policy.

This means that parts such as amplifier circuits, receivers, and microphones are covered in case of any faults from manufacturing defects or during normal use.

The warranty does not cover cases of water damage or damage caused by improper use. Otherwise, when the warranty is accepted, the faulty parts will be repaired or replaced.

Casings and shells

The two years warranty policy also covers the defects of casings and shells of the Signia products. And this includes also movable parts such as battery covers and doors.

To have the warranty accepted, the damage must be caused by a manufacturing defect or have happened within normal use.

To have a warranty for any external part accepted, you need to provide the serial number of the hearing aid product you have purchased.

Remote controls

Many of the Signia hearing aids can be controlled with dedicated remote controls. Volume settings, sensitivity, and many other functions if you do not want or are unable to use the phone app for that.

Damages that are caused during normal use will be accepted under the terms of the warranty policy, including the issues caused by manufacturing defects.

The sole exception to warranty coverage is the damage caused by water.


Like all battery-powered devices, Signia hearing aids and accessor devices come with stand-alone chargers for charging them.

While they are of superb quality, problems can still happen with them. Unless it is caused by water, the damage is almost certainly a manufacturing defect.

As such, it is covered by warranty for up to two years after the purchase of your hearing aid.

Streaming devices

Streaming devices made by Signia are used for streaming sound from your TV or some other device directly to your hearing aid.

And they are also covered by the standard two-warranty policy. With the same condition that the water damage is not covered by it.

Wax guards

Wax guards of hearing devices are considered to be consumable parts. In other words, they are expected to be damaged over time and eventually replaced. Because of this, they are not covered by the warranty policy.

Lost hearing aids

One of the biggest problems with hearing aids is getting one or both of them lost, especially when you take into account that Signia products are not cheap at all. But, even if you lose one of the devices, you will not have to pay the full price.

Signia offers replacement hearing aids that were lost, with the proof of purchase, at a steeply decreased price, depending on the exact model of the hearing aid.

3rd-party repairs

In case your hearing aid or the accessory device has suffered from some fault and the repair was performed by an unauthorized 3rd-party, the warranty will be voided.

So, whatever is the issue with your hearing aid, you should be careful to have it repaired only by Signia authorized outlet.

Extended warranty

Almost all of the Signia hearing aids and accessory devices are covered by the 2-year warranty. Select few are covered by a 3-year warranty period, while for few the warranty is just 12 months.

For the products that are not covered by the longest 3-year warranty, you can purchase an extended 12 months warranty coverage.

International repair service

Out-of-warranty repairs

All of the repairs performed during the warranty period continue to be covered by the original warranty policy within the original 2-year period.

But once the warranty period expires, the repairs are offered at a fixed rate. The replacement parts used for such out-of-warranty repairs are then covered by a 6-month warranty policy with the same terms are the original policy.

Return policy

Signia accepts the returns of their hearing aid devices if they are made within 90 days after the purchase.

But besides that, the device must be undamaged and in proper working conditions, and there were no customizations made to it.

In the case of customized outer shells or tips, Signa promises that they will remake it until the perfect fit is achieved. But this service is available only in the first 90 days after purchase.


When purchasing a Signia-made hearing device, you might worry about the level of customer support and warranty policy, particularly because they are a relatively new brand name.

But they are actually a company with a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing hearing aids.

And their warrant policy is a comprehensive policy that gets you covered for 2 years unless you purchase additional 12 months of coverage.


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