Oticon Hearing Aids Not Working (Troubleshooting + More)

Oticon Hearing Aids Not Working

Oticon is one of the leaders in the industry of hearing aids and other hearing solutions. But sometimes, technology fails us and may need a little tweaking to get things back on track.

Oticon hearing aids may not work right for several reasons. Check the battery and the battery contacts to see if they need cleaning. A new battery might be warranted. Sometimes settings get changed by mistake. Make sure the microphone and the audio outlet are clean and clear.

We’re looking at reasons why Oticon hearing aids stop working properly and what you can do to fix them. Read on for more about our troubleshooting steps.

Why Do Oticon Hearing Aids Stop Working?

The first step to troubleshooting problems with your hearing aids is to figure out why they stopped working. This can be difficult. So, you should start by checking for certain known situations.

Check for Dirt, Wax, or Grime

Dirty hearing aids often don’t work as they should. They may cause things to sound weird or even stop any sound from getting through at all. 

Check the Battery and Battery Contacts

You should open up the battery compartment to see if the battery looks corroded. If so, you’ll need a new battery.

If the battery contacts have corrosion on them or look dirty, that can block the connection between the battery and the contacts that transfer the power.

Check All the Settings

Some Oticon hearing aids have different settings for use in certain situations. Check to make sure you’ve adjusted all your settings back to your normal preferences.

Check for Damage

The cause of your hearing aid issues could be simply tied to damage you don’t know about. You should inspect your hearing aids regularly and if you notice any damage, replace pieces or have the damage repaired.

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How to Fix Oticon Hearing Aids

Many of the problems you encounter with your hearing aids are easy to fix on your own. Read on through this section for tips about what to do for specific hearing aid issues.

Hearing Aids with No Sound

Your hearing aids are meant to help you hear, right? So, if there’s no sound coming out, there’s a definite problem. Here are a couple things you can try.

Check out the battery to make sure it looks good. Wipe the battery contacts to clear any dirt or debris away. If nothing changes, try putting a new battery in to see if the problem was just a dead battery.

You can also look at the audio outlet and the microphone opening. You may find one or both of these are clogged with dirt or wax.

If that’s the case, clean the hearing aid openings with a wet wipe. If wax is the issue, you may need to change the wax filter in your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids with Distorted Sound

When Oticon hearing aids are making distorted sounds, the cause is often a bad battery connection. You’re likely to find the battery contacts are corroded or dirty.

It could also be the battery that’s corroded. Clean the contacts and/or replace the battery to see if it makes a difference.

You can also get a distorted sound if your hearing aid is set to the telecoil mode. Telecoil is what allows you to connect your hearing aid to a phone or other types of listening devices meant to offer assistance.

If you leave the hearing aid in that mode, it can cause distortion. Once you switch back to an acoustic program, it should fix the issue.

Hearing Aids with Howling or Whistling Sounds

You may notice your hearing aid whistling or howling at times. This can be an indicator that there’s too much ear wax build-up.

You can try cleaning the hearing aids or changing the ear wax filter. You may also want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to have your ear canals checked out.

Whistling or howling can also have a simple fix. It could mean you just don’t have the hearing aid inserted correctly in your ear.

Try taking it out, adjusting the positioning, and putting it back in.

Hearing Aids with Damage

If you inspect your hearing aids and find there is damage, you should get that fixed as soon as possible. It’s never a good idea to use a hearing aid that has any type of damage. It’s unsafe. 

Some things you can easily fix yourself. Hearing aids with domes that cover the speakers often need to have some replacements.

The dome can tear and that may cause discomfort or distortion. You can order a new dome and replace the old one with it yourself.

Should you find more significant damage, take the hearing aid to a licensed expert to have it repaired. They may tell you it’s not repairable and you need a replacement.

Either way, you will avoid using a hearing aid that’s in an unsafe condition.

Get to Know Your Oticon Hearing Aid

Sometimes, what seems like an issue with the hearing aid, turns out to be just an operating problem. If you don’t take the time to familiarize yourself with your hearing aid, then you may not use it properly. You need to know about the settings, the pieces, the controls, and how to maintain it.

Oticon Hearing Aid Maintenance

You should get in the habit of cleaning your hearing aids on a regular basis. If you do this every couple of weeks, it can mean the difference between devices that last for a few years and those that make it to five or more.

You can also have your hearing specialist look them over once a year. They can look at all the settings for you and see if you need a new battery.

Oticon OPN S Hearing Aids: How to Clean and Troubleshoot >> Check out the video below:


Oticon hearing aids that stop working are often easy to fix. After a little investigating, you may have the problem pinpointed. 

Take steps to try to fix the problem yourself. You can check the battery, the microphone, the audio outlet, and the dome.

It could be a simple fix like cleaning or changing a battery. Should you not successfully identify the problem, contact your hearing specialist and schedule a consultation.



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