Phonak Hearing Aid with No Sound (Troubleshooting + More)

Phonak hearing aid no sound

If you struggle with mild to severe hearing loss, getting hearing aids may have crossed your mind. As one of the top hearing aids on the market, Phonak hearing aids will certainly capture your attention.

After all, Phonak hearing aids are infamous for being discreet and Bluetooth ready. 

However, your luxurious Phonak hearing aids may experience the same issues as other lower-priced hearing aids. For example, there may be no sound emitting from your Phonak hearing aids, which can be easily fixed by troubleshooting the devices. 

In the rest of this article, you’ll learn about Phonak hearing aids and how to fix them if they aren’t producing any sound.

While troubleshooting hearing aids sounds daunting, follow this guide to calm your nerves. 

What is a Phonak Hearing Aid? 

Phonak is a private hearing aid company notorious for its modern hearing aid technology. Phonak hearing aids enhance speech in quiet spaces like no other, so you can connect to your loved ones without your hearing loss getting in the way.

Phonak hearing aids are also known for their Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to interact with your phone on the fly.

On their website, Phonak promises to improve its customers’ quality of life with their impressive hearing aids.

Yet their hearing aids are expensive and will cost an average of $2750 per hearing aid without insurance coverage.

Despite the steep price, Phonak is a reputable provider that sells hearing aids for all degrees of hearing loss and certain conditions.

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Different Types of Phonak Hearing Aids

As a growing business with a history of success and prosperity, there is a variety of hearing aids to choose from that may be more suitable for your hearing loss.

Before you troubleshoot your Phonak hearing aid, you’ll need to know your type of hearing aid. To help you determine which type you own below is a short list of Phonak hearing aid types and brief descriptions.  

1. Behind the Ear (BTE) 

Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most common type of Phonak hearing aids.

All of the necessary hearing aid components are located outside of the ear, so it’s more noticeable to the wandering eye.

The receiver is built into the hearing aid with durable tube networking that nestles in the opening of your ear. 

2. Receiver in the Canal (RITC) 

Receiver in the Canal (RITC) hearing aids are another popular Phonak hearing aid for its sleek style.

This hearing aid isn’t as stocky as BTE hearing aids because the receiver is connected to the hearing aid by a thin wire that slips right into your ear canal.

The rest of the hearing aid sits behind the ear, and its small size allows for it to be easily hidden. 

3. In the Ear (ITE) 

In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids are designed by Phonak to slide perfectly into your ear. This type of Phonak hearing aid sits freely inside your ear and is one of the most discreet hearing aids on the market.

After visiting an audiologist, your ear will be molded so your ITE hearing aids will be a perfect fit. The Virto Paradise is the only ITE hearing aid Phonak offers. 

4. Extended Wear 

Extended Wear hearing aids are Phonak’s most expensive product, and rightfully so.

Extended Wear hearing aids are the only invisible hearing aids on the market and are designed to be “forgotten about.”

The hearing aid is so small it fits perfectly into your ear canal and can be worn for months at a time. Right now, Phonak offers the Lyric as its only Extended Wear hearing aid. 

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Troubleshooting a Phonak Hearing Aid With No Sound

Once you’ve figured out which Phonak hearing aid you have, you can finally address the elephant in the room.

Your hearing aid is supposed to help with your hearing problem, but there’s echoing silence. While it’s stressful to have malfunctioning technology, there are ways to assess the situation and fix it.

Here’s how to troubleshoot your soundless Phonak hearing aids. 

Check for Battery Problems

Along with a charging port, Phonak equips its hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. There can be issues with the battery that cause the device to malfunction and be soundless.

To determine if there’s an issue with your hearing aid’s battery, there should be a small LED light to indicate its power status. If the light is red or unresponsive, there’s a battery-related issue.

Depending on the difficulty, battery-related dilemmas can be handled by you or a professional. Your charging port may be malfunctioning, so simply switch to a different charger and see if that solves the issue.

If your hearing aids still don’t emit any sound, then there’s a problem with the battery inside your hearing aids.

You’ll need to take it to a technician for further evaluation. 

Check for Debris 

Since your Phonak hearing aids are used everyday, it’s likely that there’s been some moisture or earwax build-up that’s preventing it from running smoothly.

If your tubing or receiver is clogged with debris, then your Phonak hearing aid won’t emit a sound like it should.

Regularly clean your hearing aids to prevent debris collection in device components. 

Reset your Phonak Hearing Aid

If you’ve checked the battery and for lingering debris to no avail, Phonak hearing aids can be reset to the stock mode.

For BTE and RITC hearing aids, press and hold the lower half of the volume button on the hearing aid for a full 30 seconds. The light on the hearing aid may flicker, but still, press firmly on the button. 

Put your Phonak hearing aid back in the charging case for a full minute before putting it in your ear. Depending on what was wrong with the hearing aid, you may need to let the device charge for a while.

Once the hearing aid light blinks green, it’s been successfully reset and should emit sound again. 

Final Thoughts

Although Phonak hearing aids are a bit pricey, they are suitable for all hearing loss cases.

Yet Phonak hearing aids can’t escape their fair share of technical difficulties that frustrate consumers, like no sound emission.

If this happens, troubleshoot your Phonak hearing aid by checking for any battery issues and clogged debris. If all else fails, manually reset the device.  


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