Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim (Successfully File A Claim By Yourself?)

Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim

Do you know what Ashley furniture’s warranty claim is or how to successfully file a claim by yourself?

To file an Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim, you will need the product’s serial number, the original bill of sale, and ideally any of the parts that you are claiming for. To begin your claim, you must contact the store from which you bought your furniture. If that store has closed, you can contact Ashley’s Consumer Affairs team instead.

In the rest of the article, we are going to look at this process in much more detail as well as understand when you can and cannot file an Ashley Furniture warranty claim.

How Do You File An Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim?

The process of filing a warranty claim for Ashley furniture will vary depending on the store you bought it from and the reason for your claim.

The core part of the process is the same with all claims, though. This is what we will be learning about today.

You will find out any further details on how to process your claim when you begin it with Ashley. These instructions will be given to you by the company in a way that is best suited for your specific situation.

This uncertainty may sound daunting, but the company does make the process as easy as possible. Let’s start with the basics.

What Do You Need To Have For An Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim?

Before you begin your warranty claim for Ashley furniture, you will need to make sure that you have your original bill of sale and that you know the serial number of the product that you are claiming for.

It is also advisable to still be holding onto any parts that you are claiming for.

Ashley requires the original bill of sale to be held for any warranty claims for furniture. Without this, they will not process the warranty, so if you do not have it handy, you will need to search for it before you move onto the next step.

Ashley will also ask you for the serial number of the product that you are filing the warranty for. Depending on what exactly the item of furniture that you have bought is, you should be able to find the serial number somewhere on the item or on the packaging.

This number is another requirement for a valid warranty claim, so have it ready before you begin the process.

Although Ashley will not always ask you to return parts that you are claiming are defective when filing a warranty claim, they reserve the right to do so and will do at their discretion.

For this reason, do not ever throw away any part of Ashley’s furniture that is defective and that you plan to file a warranty claim for. A claim without the defective part may be denied.

Whom Do You Need To Contact To File An Ashley Furniture Warranty Claim?

Ashley requires almost all warranty claims for their furniture to go through the retailer from which you originally bought the items.

This cannot be just any one of their brick-and-mortar stores. It has to be the exact one that you purchased the items from originally.

If you are struggling to remember where your local Ashley store is or want to confirm that it is still there, you can use the store locator on the company’s official website.

When you speak to the retailer, they will make the arrangements for the transportation of any parts that they need you to return to them from your home.

They will also organize the transport of any furniture or parts that they need to send to you. Both of these arrangements will be made for a time that is convenient to both you and the store.

If the store from which you originally bought your furniture has closed down, your warranty is still valid and can be claimed.

You will either need to call Ashley at 1-800-477-2222 or write for the attention of their Consumer Affairs team at the following address:

Ashley Industries, Inc.

One Ashley Way

Arcadia WI 54612

What Is Covered By Ashley Furniture Warranties?

Ashley have 5 different warranties for furniture items, depending on what category the item falls into. It is important to understand these so that you know which warranty applies to you.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The longest warranty that Ashley offers within their furniture range is for frames used for these products. This is a lifetime warranty.

In this case, a lifetime is defined as the time for which the product is expected to be useful. This is further limited to reasonable use.

5 Year Limited Warranty

The 5 year warranty is offered by Ashley for mechanisms used in recliners, the webbing used in seating systems, and metal springs.

3 Year Limited Warranty

The 3 year warranty will cover mechanisms in sleepers. Mattresses also technically fall under this warranty, but after the first year, only 90% of the cost is covered by Ashley, and after the second year, it drops to 80% of the cost.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Ashley’s 1 year warranty is the most common one offered by the company, spanning 3 categories. This warranty covers, cushions, upholstery fabric, leather, finishes, and any other items broadly covered by the Ashley Furniture Industries Limited Warranties but not explicitly included in the other categories.

30 Days

The shortest warranty Ashley offer is only 30 days, and this covers bed skirts, comforters, pillow shams, and pillows that you have bought as part of a comforter set.

Does The Ashley Furniture Warranty Allow Refunds?

Ashley do not offer refunds when you file a warranty claim for their furniture. The company will either repair or replace parts or items that are defective in the case of a valid warranty claim.

Replacement parts will preferably be identical, but if such are not available, Ashley may offer parts that are of equal or greater value than the originals.

If your furniture is still covered by the Labor Coverage, Ashley will also pay for the labor costs of carrying out the repairs or replacements, within reason.

What Is Not Covered By The Ashley Furniture Warranty?

The Ashley Furniture warranty does not cover items that were not bought for normal household usage.

Their terms include commercial, institutional, rented, and business uses as those which do not qualify for the warranty, but this list is not exhaustive. Any non-residential uses disqualify you from claiming.

The warranty also does not cover display models, sample models, second-hand furniture, furniture bought from a retailer that was going out of business, furniture bought from a liquidator, and furniture bought from a rental retailer.

What Voids An Ashley Furniture Warranty?

Making modifications to your Ashley furniture and performing any sorts of chemical treatments on it both void the warranty.

The company list applying a protective coating as an example of a chemical treatment that definitely voids your warranty for that item.

Ashley also have additional conditions for items fitting into the categories of “Leather and Upholstery Fabric” and “Finishes and all Other Furniture Products.”

The warranty on items from these categories will be void if they are damaged by inappropriate cleaning methods, exceptional soiling, and damage from sunlight, indoor humidity, or any liquids.


Ashley is quite generous with their furniture warranties, but the exact procedures have to be followed. We have learned today that you cannot file a claim for an item without its original bill of sale and its serial number.

We also know that the company may ask for any defective parts to be returned to them as a condition of the warranty, so you should never throw these away.

Even though returns have to be done through the retailer from which the items were bought, we found out what your recourse is if they are no longer open.


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