Walmart Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Walmart Bike Return Policy

If you own a Walmart bicycle but find yourself needing to return it, you may wonder about the Walmart Bike Return Policy.

The Walmart bike return policy isn’t different than the return policy for most products sold by the company: a product must be returned within 90 days of the selling date and it must be in good condition. This will leave the bicycle’s former owner with the option of accepting a Walmart gift card or a cash refund.

In this article, we’ll cover the Walmart Bike Return Policy and more, including some frequently asked questions on the subject!

What Is The Walmart Bike Return Policy?

Returning any product usually comes with unpleasant emotions like disappointment, a lack of satisfaction, and sometimes even a little stress.

Some of this stress can be related to having to worry about a company’s return policy. 

If you need to return a bicycle to Walmart, you’ll need to understand not only the great things Walmart’s return policy has to offer but also the less-desirable downsides to trying to give a bike back to the store.

Benefits of the Walmart Bike Return Policy

Below is a list of the benefits of the way Walmart has their bike return policy set up:

  • Returns Are Accepted – The bottom line is, Walmart actually does allow dissatisfied customers to return bicycles that they don’t want after purchases. This is a blessing in and of itself since Walmart does not accept returns of all of it’s products: notably, motor bikes cannot be returned.
  • Damaged Items Are Accepted – Some retail locations refuse to accept items that have been damaged because they may not be able to re-sell the item. Walmart, on the other hand, is such a large chain that they will typically accept a return even if the item is broken, according to their website.
  • There Is No Return Limit – Sometimes, if you have more than one child or you have occasion to purchase multiple bikes from Walmart, you may find yourself also needing to return several bikes. Though this is an unfortunate circumstance, never fear; Walmart does not have a written limit on how many products they will allow being returned.
  • Refunds Are Offered – It’s all well and good to know that you can get a bike you don’t want off your hands, but the best part is, you don’t have to suffer a blow to your wallet. Walmart will offer a full refund for most bicycles returned to their location. This can be in the form of a gift card for the store, credit, or cash, depending on how you purchased it.
  • Holiday Returns Extended – During the shopping season, a bicycle might be one of the first things you get excited about purchasing. Walmart, in anticipation of this, generously extends it’s return-window so that items purchased from the first of October all the way through the end of December can be returned until the end of January!

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Downsides to the Walmart Bike Return Policy

As helpful as the components of Walmart’s return policy as listed above can be, there are a few hassles you may have to be aware of. These downsides are listed below:

  • The Bicycle Must Be Delivered in 90 Days – Though some Walmart locations are flexible about this rule, the general policy is that a bicycle must be returned before 90 days after the original purchasing date have passed. If you’re unable to accomplish this, you may not be able to get a full refund, or Walmart may refuse the return altogether.
  • The Bicycle Must Be Accompanied By a Receipt – Again, though some Walmart locations may be more forgiving than others when it comes to this rule, the general position of the company is that a bicycle which is being returned needs to also come with a receipt as proof-of-purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions related to the Walmart bike return policy and what is covered!

How long do I have to return a bicycle to Walmart?

With all items returned to Walmart, whether by mail or in person, including bicycles, a customer has 90 days from the purchase date recorded on the item’s receipt to return the product.

What items cannot be returned to Walmart?

There are many items that are not accepted by Walmart as returns, even if they are brought back to the location with a receipt and before the 90-day return limit is passed. 

These items do not include bicycles, but they do include regular dirt bikes and other gas-powered vehicles.

Other examples of items not received by Walmart as returns are gift cards, firearms, and their ammo, and medications that are prescribed.

Can you trade in a bike at Walmart?

You can in fact trade your bike in at Walmart, but typically the best way to do so is by returning a bike that is faulty or not what you wanted, then replacing that product with a similar bicycle model.

Can I return something to Walmart after 2 years?

In all actuality, Walmart’s 90-day return policy is slightly flexible. However, once you return something 90 days from the selling date have passed, you increase the risk that the manager will refuse the return or even refuse a refund.

Because of their stated policy, Walmart is well within it’s rights to make this decision.

Can Walmart refuse a return?

According to Walmart’s website, the company reserves the right to refuse any returns that customers bring to their location.

This includes returns that meet all of Walmart’s return requirements, including being returned within the 90-day time limit and returned with the sale receipt.

How strict is Walmart with returns?

Though Walmart does have specific rules and requirements for returns, they are not always limited by these rules, themselves.

For example, there have been some cases when Walmart will still accept returns on a location-by-location basis at their own discretion even after the 90-day time limit has passed, or if a customer does not have the item’s receipt.

Still, this lack of firm adherence to the rules goes both ways! Walmart is also not contractually bound to honor all returns and can refuse returns in any circumstance they choose. 

Can Walmart ban you from returns?

A Walmart location can reserve the right to ban a customer for many reasons, and that can include the banning of a person due to too many returns.

Still, there is no set limit to how much one can return to Walmart in their official returns policy, so this is solely based on the discretion of the management of a particular location.

How many miles does a Walmart bike last?

Walmart offers cheaper bicycle models for competitive pricing, and therefore, their products are not known for their longevity.

Many Walmart-sold brands of bikes are known for only lasting for around 200 miles before wear and tear begin to show, or repairs are needed.

What does Walmart do with their returns?

Walmart may choose to re-sell the items that are returned in a fit condition to their stores. However, typically, Walmart offers a refund to those who return products within the 90-day limit.

Typically, items that are returned can be found at a discounted price for being resealed, or in the “clearance” section.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, the Walmart company does accept returns of it’s bicycle products. A customer must return the bicycle within 90 days of the purchase date stated on the bicycle’s receipt.

The receipt itself must also be included with the returned product, which can either be hand-delivered to a Walmart location or mailed back!

Though it can be difficult to stick to a 90-day return window and keep track of a receipt, Walmart’s customer service associates can be forgiving, and offer not only full refunds but an extension on bicycles purchased during the busy holiday season!

All in all, Walmart’s bicycle return policy is generous and useful.


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