Unitron Hearing Aid Warranty (What´s Covered + More)  

Unitron Hearing Aid Warranty

Jessica, do you know what Unitron hearing aid warranty is? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

Unitron is a competitive company that produces over 20 hearing aid models in 60 countries and counting. Customers can choose the model that’s right for them based on preferred features and the severity of their hearing loss.

Unitron offers multiple warranties to provide protection against damage, failed, or even lost instruments during the warranty period, and most cover damage and repair for at least one year. An extended warranty is also offered through Unitron.

The details of your coverage depend on your country and the healthcare professional that sold you the device. This guide will cover the USA policy in greater detail.

What does the Unitron warranty cover?

Unitron is a brand under the Sonova company. Most Sonova USA Original Manufacturer’s Warranties will cover at least one year of comprehensive loss, damage, and repair coverage.

These warranties could include an original product warranty, service warranty, and/or extended warranty.

Hearing aids with more complex technology may have warranties that last up to 3 years. Extended warranties can be purchased at any time during the original coverage period for Unitron products.

Warranties typically cover things like:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Hardware not functioning
  • Battery issues
  • Problems with acoustic response
  • Broken parts (battery door, volume wheel, push button, ear hook, receiver wire, etc.)
  • Residues
  • Cleaning and functional checks

Original Manufacturer’s Warranties do not cover misuse, abuse, or improper handling or storage either by the seller or buyer of the device.

How do I know if my hearing aid’s problem is covered?

If you’ve purchased a Unitron hearing aid with a warranty, you can bring your hearing aid to your hearing healthcare professional to confirm your coverage.

The healthcare professional will look up your warranty – be sure to bring your warranty card – and assess the problem on your device before seeing if the fix is covered.

You may also be able to call the head office of Unitron, but it’s likely that they will tell you to refer to the office where you purchased the item.

What can void a Unitron warranty?

Almost all Unitron devices will come with a manufacturer’s warranty beginning on the date of the original invoice, but beware – you could void your warranty if you unknowingly do any of the following:

  • Buy a device from an unauthorized seller
  • Get a Unitron device without a face-to-face consultation
  • Misuse, abuse, or improperly handle or store your device and damage it as a consequence
  • Import the device from outside of the U.S.
  • Buy a device that was removed from its original packaging before the purchase
  • Buy a refurbished product

Sonova strongly believes that the best treatment plan to address hearing loss is given through licensed hearing care professionals. They may deny giving devices to any shop that does not involve a licensed professional.

Be sure you buy your Unitron hearing aid from a brick-and-mortar authorized retailer that sells original Unitron devices in their USA packaging – no refurbished or window models. The seller should also offer a face-to-face consultation and fitting by a licensed hearing professional.

Buying a Unitron device from any unauthorized online retailer voids the manufacturer’s warranty. If your hearing aid is given to you without a face-to-face consultation, including if you’re fitted for a hearing aid without seeing a licensed professional, the Unitron warranty for your device will also be void.

In addition, warranty coverage is only offered if your device is damaged accidentally or came faulty. If you neglect your device or use it incorrectly and break it, the warranty may not cover such damage.

When does the warranty expire?

Your warranty’s length will be determined at the time you purchase your Unitron device. Most warranties for Unitron hearing aids last at least one year, although more expensive devices could be covered for up to three years.

You may also purchase an extended warranty at an additional cost.

If you aren’t sure when your warranty expires, contact the office where you purchased the device. Have your warranty card ready or your invoice available so the provider can give you the most up-to-date information.

Who makes the repairs under the warranty?

If the repair is minor, it may be done at the office that sold you your device. If it’s more complicated, the healthcare provider will send the hearing aid to a Sonova servicing center.

To send your device to Sonova, your provider will likely fill out a form similar to this one and mail it in with your device.

Does the warranty cover my device outside of the U.S.?

If you plan to travel or be outside of the U.S. for some times, you can still cover your device through the Unitron international warranty plan, EnRoute Warranty.

You’ll head to the EnRoute Warranty page, choose the country you’re in and the zip code, and get information and approved Hearing Healthcare Providers near you that can help you with any device issues you experience.

How can I learn more about my device’s warranty?

If you still have your Unitron warranty card, this could provide more information about your coverage. Your best bet is to take this card back to where you purchased your device for more information.

You can also try calling a Sonova or Unitron head office.

Can I extend the warranty?

As per the Unitron USA website, extended new product warranties are available for purchase anytime during your original product’s coverage period.

The extension will merge with your coverage and be considered part of the Sonova USA Original Manufacturer’s Warranties.

In Summary

Unitron is known around the world for their advanced hearing instruments and device features. Their warranty typically covers at least one year of comprehensive loss, damage, and repair coverage, although more complex devices could be covered for up to three years.

You can also purchase an extended warranty from Sonova or, in some cases, coverage in case of loss. Unitron also offers EnRoute Warranty, which covers your device if it’s affected overseas.

The best way to find out the details of your warranty is to call or visit the office that sold you your Unitron device.



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