MD Hearing Aid Warranty? (What’s Covered + More)

MD Hearing Aid Warranty

One in five American’s have hearing loss and may require hearing aids. MDHearing is one of the more popular hearing aid brands currently available on the market.

For patient’s using this brand, many may be wondering if there is a warranty for MDHearingAids?

MDHearing manufacture and sell medical grade hearing aids that come with a one year warranty. Should customers obtain hearing aids through this company and discover that their equipment is faulty or somehow no longer working, they can return the hearing aids for a free replacement through the warranty if the damage is determined to have not been the fault of the customer. 

In this article, you will learn about MDHearing’s products and receive an in depth look at MDHearing’s warranty. Let’s get started! 

What are MDHearingAids? 

MDHearing is a company that manufactures hearing aids and sells them directly to customers. According to their website, MDHearing is deeply committed to offering medical grade, easy to use hearing aids at prices that are affordable for consumers. 

MDHearing is able to offer affordable equipment due to their direct-to-consumer approach to business.

Overhead costs that are typical with third party equipment suppliers are not necessary and may not be included in the sale of MDHearingAids. 

MDHearing also offers a variety of options to speak with customer service representatives directly about any issues or questions regarding their products.

Uniquely, MDHearing connects customers to in-house audiologists who can provide specialized guidance. 

What is the cost of MDHearingAids? 

Hearing aids are costly. Recent estimates put average hearing aid costs between $1,000-$4,000, for each aid and even more for a pair.

This is a significant barrier for many patients and could potentially keep them from purchasing equipment that could infinitely improve their lives.  

MDHearingAids are generally affordable and can cost up to $2,000 for a pair, though the company does offer frequent sales on their equipment.

As with most hearing aid brands in the United States MDHearingAids are typically not covered by insurance. 

If you are considering choosing MDHearing for your hearing aids, be sure to talk to your insurance and see if your plan covers hearing aids.

If you find that your plan covers hearing aids, you can contact an MDHearing customer service representative for help and learn more.

MDHearingAids Warranty and Return Policies

So perhaps after everything you have learned about MDHearing you’ve decided to purchase your hearing aids from this company.

Hearing aids are delicate, complex devices, and no matter how well made the potential for problems or malfunctions to occur is always a possibility.

Knowing this, let’s dive deeper into the specifics of MDHearing’s warranty and you can decide if this policy will help you should you run into any issues with your MDHearingAids. 

Return Policy 

Before getting into their warranty, it is important to note that MDHearing also has a 45-day return policy. 

According to MDHearing’s website, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Regardless of what the issue is, if within the 45-day window following the device’s delivery you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the hearing aids for a full refund. 

The company suggests trying out the device for a minimum of 21 days. According to the company’s website, medical studies have shown that this approximate time period is necessary for the brain to adjust to hearing aids. 

However, this trial period is a suggestion only, and customers are able to return the hearing aids anytime during the 45-day period for any reason. 

For more detailed information you can view MDHearing’s Addendum to the Receipt here.


Should you decide the MDHearingAids are a great fit for you, but you are worried about any issues that may come up after the return period, you are in luck!

MDHearing equipment is covered under warranty due to any problems resulting from materials or workmanship for the duration of one year from the time of delivery. 

Should you discover that your device is faulty, you can send the hearing aids back to MDHearing for inspection.  If during the inspection staff identify that the equipment failed as a result of problematic parts, materials, or workmanship the equipment will be repaired or replaced at no cost. 

It is important to note that the warranty does not cover any issues that result from typical wear and tear (including damage from sweat, moisture, or ear wax build up) or damage that is determined to be a result of mistreatment. 

MDShield Protection Plan 

Wear, tear, and accidents happen meaning you may want additional protection for your devices. 

MDHearing offers additional protection for their equipment at a cost through the MDShield Protection Plan.

Unlike the company’s standard warranty MDShield Protection covers any and all defects, malfunction, and damage caused by accidents. 

Under this plan no matter how the damage occurred, MDHearing will repair or replace the device at no charge to the customer.

Subscription prices vary depending on the type of product you want to be covered, costing anywhere between $3.99-$14.99/month. 

While the cost of this special protection may seem steep, it can come in handy if you think you may run into accidents, or your hearing aids may suffer damage you cannot foresee.

This subscription can be cancelled at any time should you decide you no longer need it. 

While MDShield Protection Plan covers all types of malfunction, damage, accidents, or defects it will not cover the device in cases of theft, loss, unauthorized repairs, or accessories supplied along with your hearing aids such as tips, tubing, batteries, or domes. 

Final Thoughts

Is there a MDHearingAid warranty available? Luckily, there is! 

However, it is important to know all the facts before purchasing hearing aids from MDHearing. Review the article above along with MDHearing’s website to learn if their warranty and protection plans are a good fit for you. 

Take the information you have obtained in this article and shop for your hearing aids with confidence! 


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