Esco Hearing Aid Warranty (What’s Included + More)

Esco Hearing Aid Warranty

Jessica, do you know what the Esco hearing aid warranty covers? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

Esco provides some of the best protection for your hearing aids available on the market and will ensure that you have nothing to worry about if you damage your hearing aid. If you’re someone who has run over their manufacturer’s warranty, you may want to know what insurance and warranty plan Esco offers.

Esco provides you with reputable customer service and extended warranties for all kinds of hearing aid. Escorts offers three warranty plans; protection plus, platinum plus, and in-warranty coverage are all prescribed yearly and will have to be renewed annually. 

This article will discuss the warranties offered by Esco for hearing aids. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about the insurance and warranty provided by Esco and how you can get one for yourself. 

What Is Esco Insurance And Warranty 

Almost all hearing aids will come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that should last up to three years; however, this is sometimes considered a short coverage.

Once this warranty expires, customers can either pay for repairs out of their own pocket or extend their warranty through a third-party company such as Esco.

So, if you’re about to run over the manufacturer’s warranty on your hearing device and you’d like to ensure that if something damages it or you lose it, it can be fixed or replaced without paying for it out of your pocket, you can extend your warranty through Esco.

Esco is a company that sells no hearing aid devices but does provide protection for your hearing aids. Since being founded in 1989, Esco has provided extended warranties for people across the United States, for damage, repair, and loss of hearing aids, for most manufacturers and models available on the market. 

Esco offers various options when it comes to extending the warranty of your hearing aids, and depending on your budget, there is something for everyone to consider.

They offer three options: protection plus, platinum plan, and in-warranty coverage.

Why You Might Extend Your Warranty Via Esco

Hearing aids will spend a lot of tie in the damp and warm environment of your ear, and while regular maintenance and care should ensure that they stay functioning, the average warranty of three years is just not long enough. 

If you want to increase the longevity of your hearing aid without paying for minor fixes out of pocket, or if you’re over the manufacturer’s warranty, you may want to invest in an extended warranty from Esco.

Esco is an independent company that is happy to provide you with an extension on your warranty, much like how insurance works. This will help cover you in the years following the end of your warranty. 

When Is It Time To Purchase Esco?

If you know the end of the manufacturer warranty is arriving for your hearing aid device, it may be a good time to invest in an extended warranty from Esco.

The policy you opt for with Esco will take over immediately from the point of purchase. 

Esco will cover almost everything that the original manufacturer’s guarantee did and depending on the type of device you have; it will determine the cost of your plan. This can be paid in either monthly or yearly installments. 

The cheaper warranty plans with Esco typically begin at around $40 per month for a pair of standard hearing aids. In contrast, the most expensive plan from Esco will generally cost you up to $70 per month. 

Extending Your Warranty With Esco

So, as we mentioned above, there are various warranty plans with Esco, and each varies in price and what will be covered.

As hearing aids have small working parts, it’s generally advised that some form of the extended warranty should be purchased when the manufacturers run out. 

Escos’ three warranty plans, protection plus, platinum plus, and in-warranty coverage, are all prescribed annually and will have to be renewed annually. 

Protection Plus

The least expensive warranty coverage from Esco is known as protection plus, a plan which covers accidental damage and loss of your hearing aids.

However, this plan will not warrant repairs for wear and tear nor for battery drain and microphone issues. 

This is an excellent option for anyone looking for an extended warranty that provides coverage in case they lose or damage their hearing aids, all while keeping the price low.

This plan will generally cost customers around $40 per month.

In-Warranty Coverage

The in-warranty is an excellent option if you want to extend your coverage in the mid-tier price range.

If you are still within the original warranty given to you by the manufacturer, however, you’ve already used it, this option will be right for you. 

This plan provides you with a new warranty even though you are still within the original manufacturer’s warranty and will ensure that you are covered if you damage or lose your hearing aids a second time.

This policy will leave basic maintenance to be sorted out by the original manufacturer’s warranty. 

Platinum Plan

The most expensive plan offered by Esco is the platinum plan which can cost you up to $70 per month or approximately $800 for the year.

This extended warranty covers all wear and tear damage and hearing aid replacement if lost or damaged. 

This plan will cost you more than the previous two; however, it covers many more repairs compared to the simpler plan.

If you notice that you need to repair your hearing aid frequently, this plan is probably the best option. 

How To File A Claim With Esco

Suppose you have signed up for an extended warranty with Esco, and a few months or years down the line, something happens to your hearing device, and you need to file a claim with Esco; you may be curious as to how this is done and how simple it is. 

To file a claim with Esco is a relatively simple process involving using your local audiologist to file the paperwork; this can be done by contacting the clinic from which you purchased the hearing aid. 

The audiologist will then file the correct paperwork for you and even work with Esco to help ensure that your claim is processed smoothly.

When Esco receives your claim, they will notify the clinic to begin working on the repairs. 


Thus, if you’re someone who wants to extend their hearing aid warranty after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out, Esco is an excellent choice.

They offer three great plans and will give you peace of mind if something happens to your hearing device. 


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