ASUS Warranty Claim (Successfully File A Claim By Yourself)

asus Warranty Claim

ASUS is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. As with any manufactured product, things can go wrong sometimes. If you’re an ASUS owner, you might wonder how to file an ASUS warranty claim successfully.

To file an ASUS warranty claim, go to their support website’s “Service and Repair” section and click “ASUS Repair Services.” Once the page loads, enter your product’s serial number and click “Submit and get support.”

Now that we know where to go, let’s examine the steps needed to file a successful warranty claim from ASUS.

How To File an ASUS Warranty Claim Successfully?

First, you’ll need to have your ASUS device registered beforehand. This usually involves registering for an ASUS account from their website and entering your device’s serial number.

Do this immediately after purchasing your product, so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Once you’ve done that, you can start claiming a warranty for your ASUS product. Go to their support website’s “Service and Repair” section and click “ASUS Repair Services.” A new page will load.

When the page loads, enter your product’s serial number. From there, follow the instructions so they can determine the next best step for your faulty product.

Typically, they will issue a “Return Merchandise Authorization” or RMA before you can send the item to them.

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What Are the Best Practices When Filing an ASUS Warranty Claim?

Filing a successful ASUS warranty claim depends on whether the problem was due to a manufacturing defect or consumer misuse, and how detailed you are in your record-keeping process and problem description.

Once you have an RMA assigned and they ask you to send your faulty product to them, follow these steps to secure a successful claim.

Be Detailed With Your Problem

When describing what’s going on with your item, write it as detailed as possible. 

For example, if you’re having problems with your monitor, don’t just say, “It won’t turn on.”

Include what you were doing before the problem started, details of the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken, and what the monitor is currently doing.

Describing the problem in great detail will help your ASUS technician determine the problem sooner rather than later. And when they do, they’ll be able to repair your product quicker after you’ve sent it to them.

Take Photos of Your Original Item Before Packaging

Before you package your faulty product, make sure you take photos of it from all angles. Keep the photos as evidence in case your product gets damaged during transit.

The more photos you have, the better your chances are of documenting every inch of your product’s condition.

Some customers even report that their product was damaged upon arrival at the repair center, invalidating their claim. Keeping photos of your item’s condition right before packaging lets you prove that the damage happened in transit.

If you want another level of security, record yourself packaging your return. Make sure you show on the video the condition of your product before wrapping it in bubble wrap.

This process might sound overkill, but this level of detail will help you later in case of problems.

Pack Your Item Securely

After you’ve recorded a video and taken photos of your product, pack it well to minimize damage during and after transit.

That means wrapping your item in plenty of bubble wrap and securing it inside the box so it doesn’t move around.

If you still have the original packaging for your item, reuse that instead. Those are designed to keep the product in place as it moves from warehouse to store.

Ensure every paperwork you need to include is inside the box before you seal it.

Once you’ve confirmed your package’s contents, make sure you tape the entire box securely, so it doesn’t open accidentally. Use strong tape to help support the package’s structure.

Retain All Copies of Your Receipt

Keeping a copy of your receipt, especially for expensive electronics, is a no-brainer. Your receipt is needed to help prove ownership of the product when filing a warranty claim. The technical term for this is “proof of purchase.”

If the ASUS representative tells you to include the receipt in the package, make sure you keep a copy of it for yourself. The last thing you want is for you to lose the receipt in case the box goes missing.

Also, ensure you keep a copy of the shipping label you use to send your package. If you can, get proof of shipping to show that you dropped off the box at the courier’s office.

Having this document will help you later in case your package goes missing.

Be Patient

Once you get the notification that your package has arrived at the warehouse, the only thing you can do is wait.

You’re not the only one who’s sending in an item for repairs, and ASUS only has so many technicians ready to work.

But if you think it’s been a while and there’s still no progress, feel free to reach out to ASUS again. Politely ask for the status of the repair and an estimate on when you’ll get your item back.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an escalation if you don’t think there’s any progress on your claim.

What Can You Do if There’s a Problem With Your ASUS Warranty Claim?

There may be times that your ASUS warranty claim will encounter some problems. Maybe your product arrived to them damaged, or they’ll claim that the warranty is no longer valid somehow.

If this happens, be patient; you have some options to resolve this problem.

Speak to ASUS Returns Department About the Problem

Your first step should always be to contact the ASUS returns department. They’ll have more information about your warranty claim and can tell you why it’s getting denied.

Try to be patient and don’t lose your temper when talking to them.

If they tell you that the claim is denied because of damage to your product, politely contradict them. Ask them to send you photos so you can compare them with yours.

Then, tell them you took pictures of the product before sending it out and offer to send them those photos.

Still not getting the results you want? Politely ask to have your case escalated so someone else can look at your claim. Sometimes, a different set of eyes is all it takes to bring the warranty claim back in the right direction.

Send an Email to the CEO

If the ASUS returns department is not budging on their decision despite your multiple attempts to reason with them, it might be time to get someone else involved. 

ASUS allows their customers in North America to send an email directly to their CEO. But instead of giving you an email address, you fill out a form on their support page.

The form will ask for your contact information, details about your warranty claim, and your actual message.

The email form also allows you to include attachments, so make sure you have everything pertinent to your claim. This consists of a copy of your receipt, the photos you took of your product, and anything else you think is important. Most importantly: be polite.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you should get a response in a few days.

Final Thoughts

Filing a warranty claim with ASUS should be a straightforward process. They’ll ask you for your item’s serial number and have you performed cursory troubleshooting.

If the troubleshooting doesn’t help, they’ll issue you a return authorization.

Your claim should go through without a hitch if your packaging is secure and you’re meticulously documenting every step.

If there are problems, be prepared to defend your claim, and don’t be afraid to escalate it.

With enough effort and precautions, a working version of your product should be with you again soon.


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