Apple iPhone Return Policy (What´s Covered, Claims + More)

Apple iPhone Return Policy

If you have recently bought an iPhone but decide it isn’t for you or didn’t get the one you wanted, you will want to return it. But what is Apple’s iPhone return policy, and will you be able to get your money back?

Apple allows you to return an iPhone if you have purchased it within the last 15 days and have proof of purchase, such as a receipt or order number and a valid picture ID. However, returning your iPhone to Apple does not include your service provider, so you must cancel that separately. You will need to pay a 25% opening fee if the packaging is already open. 

Let’s discover what you will need to do to return your iPhone, whether by mailing it or in a store, what you should know about paying fees and getting refunds, and how you can earn money back if there is a recent price drop. 

Apple Return Policy

It is essential to educate yourself about Apple’s return policies before you try to return your iPhone so you don’t find yourself paying undisclosed fees or not getting a refund because you didn’t follow their process correctly.

Let’s learn all you need to know about the policy. 

Apple Store Returns

After receiving your order, you have 15 calendar days to return it to an Apple Store.

Along with your purchases, you must have a valid picture ID issued by a government agency and proof of the order number.

Standard Returns

If dissatisfied with a product, you may file a return request via Order Status.

For eligible iPhones, you have up to 15 days after the date from the day you acquire your item(s) to begin the return procedure.

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How to Return an iPhone

To return your iPhone to Apple, sign in with your Apple password and ID to Order Status, which will open in a new window.

After signing in, choose Edit Orders to view your most recent order. Once you have located the item, you want to return, select the Return Items link. Choose the item(s) you wish to return on the following screen, then click Continue.

Check the returning item(s) and returning address on the address label following that. You may print your shipping and address labels by choosing to Create Now once you have reviewed your return information.

Put the address label on the exterior of your return box. You can bundle the packing slip and all the items you must return inside one package. Apple suggests returning your iPhone in its original packaging.

As soon as Apple receives the item, they will process the reimbursement and send you a Returns Receipt confirmation email (s).

Is Apple’s iPhone Return Policy Separate From a Wireless Service Cancellation?

Different wireless providers have various cancellation procedures.

Returning your iPhone may not instantly cancel or deactivate your wireless carrier; you are still liable for your mobile service agreement and any applicable expenses associated with your wireless account.

You can contact your cellular service provider for further information.

Getting a Refund

A refund is started as soon as Apple gets your goods. If you cancel an item for pickup for which you were charged, Apple will start processing your refund once you submit your cancellation request.

Your initial payment method determines how your return is handled.

Refunds for purchases made using a debit or credit card will be sent to the bank that issued the cards within five business days of receiving the returned item.

Please contact the card-issuing financial institution if you have questions about the timeliness of the credit posting to your account.

Any items you buy from the Apple Online Store with an Apple Store Gift Card will be refunded to you as an Apple Store Gift Card by email.


You could exchange a product you purchased from an Apple Store at any other Apple Store located in the same country.

Exchanges are subject to the item’s availability in-store. To find out if a product is in stores nearby and available for local pickup, it’s a good idea to call the Apple Store or look at the product listing on the Apple Online Store.

Customized Macs and personalized goods might not be returnable to an Apple Store. Any Apple Store in the same nation will accept the return of any items that were inaccurate or damaged when shipped from the Apple Online Store.

You may also get in touch with customer service.

Apple’s Extended Holiday Return Policy

In recent years, either November 1 or 14 has served as the official start date for the holiday return policy.

Between November 1, 2021, and December 25, 2021, anything purchased at the Apple Store could be returned anytime through January 8, 2022.

The same extended return period applies to online purchases as long as the received date is between November 1 and December 25.

The standard return policy’s other terms and restrictions, such as the need for a receipt and all packing and accessories, are still in effect.

Apple Price Adjustments for Price Drops

Apple shops offer a 14-day price adjustment period, despite seldom having promotions and discounts when purchasing products like cases and watch bands that occasionally go on sale, pay attention to this.

If Apple reduces the price of any Apple-branded item within 14 days of the day you receive your purchase, you can visit any Apple Retail Store and request a refund or credit for the price of the item you paid and the latest selling price.

After the price adjustment, you have 14 days to get in touch with Apple. Therefore, you have until June 28 to request the adjustment if you purchase a watch band on June 1 and its price is reduced on June 14. You might be required to bring the product when seeking a price adjustment from Apple.

Apple’s policy on price modifications prohibits temporary price reductions, such as those associated with holiday sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

You should also be aware that this cost protection is only good for 10 pieces of any product if you’re a business or reseller.

Are Apple Returns Free?

Is there a positive aspect to Apple’s return policy? Apple reimburses the cost of return postage.

After completing the simple online return process, schedule a pickup or drop-off at FedEx to avoid having the shipping costs withheld from your refund.

Can You Return an iPhone After Opening It?

Within 14 calendar days of receiving your iPhone(s), if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return your undamaged iPhone(s) to the Apple Online Store for a refund.

Any opened unit will be charged a 25% open box fee (per unit).

Can You Return an iPhone Within 30 Days?

From the day you get the item, you have 14 calendar days to return it. Only things bought directly from Apple you can return to Apple, whether they were purchased online or in an Apple Retail Store.

Can You Exchange an iPhone for a Different iPhone?

Within 14 days of the day you get an undamaged product, send it back to us with all of the accessories and packaging that came with it, along with the original receipt (or gift receipt), and Apple will either swap it for you or issue a refund using the original payment method.


Ideally, you would know that you wanted to return your iPhone before opening the packaging, but you can still return it if you don’t mind paying the open box fee.

However, you might want to consider exchanging it for a different iPhone that better fits your needs or even getting some money back if there was a recent price drop, especially if you bought your iPhone around the holiday season. 


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