Amazon Warranty Claim (Successfully File A Claim By Yourself?)

amazon Warranty Claim

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers, but that doesn’t mean customers don’t have issues with the items they buy, whether it arrives broken, missing components, or any other issue that makes the product unusable.

So, what are Amazon’s warranties like, and how do you file a claim?

Amazon’s warranty claims allow you to request a replacement item, a refund, or a repair. This means you can get a different size or color of a product, though this is sometimes limited depending on the country. You can also wholly return items that you don’t want or get products repaired if they arrive broken. 

Let’s discover what is in Amazon’s warranty, the limitations, and how to file a claim for the three main uses of exchanging, replacing, and repairing. 

AmazonBasics One-Year Standard Warranty

As the initial purchaser of the product (s) branded with the AmazonBasics logo, you are granted this limited guarantee by the organization stated in the table available on the Amazon website (the “Product”). A separate company could produce the Product from Amazon.

This limited warranty is null and invalid if the goods are consumable (such as an ink cartridge) as quickly as the consumable part of the product (such as the ink) has been utilized.

For one year following your initial seller purchase from Amazon, Amazon warranties the product against flaws in craftsmanship and materials when used regularly.

If a problem in the product occurs during the warranty term and you adhere to the instructions, we will give you when returning the item, we will, at our discretion, do one of the following:

  1. Replace it with a brand-new or refurbished model that is identical to or comparable to the one you originally bought
  2. Fix the product using refurbished or new parts
  3. Reimburse you for the price you originally paid for the product.

There is no guarantee, representation, or warranty that every substitute product will be similar to the one returned to Amazon or have the same features.

Due to technological developments and product availability, you can get a substitute with a lower sales price than the original item you bought.

In all circumstances, they shall decide whether a Product is comparable at their discretion.

Only hardware parts of the product that have not been damaged by overuse, abuse, fire, other external causes, alterations, repairs, or commercial usage are covered by this limited warranty.

Any future buyer or receiver of the product is not eligible to receive this limited warranty.

Any substitute Product or component, as well as any repairs, are covered by this limited warranty for the balance of the initial warranty term or 90 days from the time of shipping to you, whichever is longer.

All components and items you send back to Amazon in exchange for a replacement or a refund become their property as soon as they receive the items.

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How to Get Warranty Service

For information on how to get assistance under this limited warranty, please visit the Help page on the Amazon website where you bought the product and click the Contact Us button or contact Customer Service at the number provided below (see “Warranty Provider”).

You will be questioned by customer support to ascertain your eligibility for this limited warranty. If you are qualified, you will receive directions for returning the damaged product, paid postage, and a replacement order, maintenance order, or refund.

You risk being charged the retail price for the new item or product if you don’t return the damaged one to us. If we decide to send customers a repair or replace your item, we will cover the cost of delivering it to you.

Warranty Limitations

All legal or inferred warranties, such as but not limited to the warranties regarding merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, and against concealed or latent flaws, are explicitly disclaimed by Amazon.

To the extent allowed by law, all such warranties must be restricted to this stated limited warranty period and to replacement or repair service if they cannot legally renounce statutory or implied warranties.

Because certain jurisdictions do not need limitations on how long a legal or implied warranty lasts, the aforementioned restrictions might not be applicable to you. Amazon is not liable for any direct, special, accidental, or indirect damage arising from a warranty violation or under any other legal theory.

How to File a Warranty Claim

Let’s concentrate more on the procedure and how to submit a warranty claim for Amazon goods.

Exchanging an Item

You should proceed to Amazon’s Online Returns Center, which offers a straightforward procedure for claiming a warranty on Amazon if you wish to exchange your purchase for a new color or size if you received a damaged item or got a completely different one.

  1. Click “Return items” after going to the Online Returns Center.
  2. Click “Return or replace items” after locating the order you wish to return. The history of your purchases will be displayed.
  3. Choose the item you wish to replace, and then choose your justification from the “Reason for return” menu.
  4. There will be an exchange order made.
  5. Print the return label since it includes the warehouse location and shipment information (the delivery fee was paid in advance).
  6. Print the Return Authorization and include it with the returned product.

You will have a choice of several locations and methods for returning the box to Amazon.

  • Deliver a delivery to a nearby place.
  • Collection by a logistics business.
  • Dropped at a Locker by Amazon.

Getting a Refund

What if you want your money back and don’t want a replacement item? Another option for using the Amazon warranty is asking for a refund.

The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee, a successful system that safeguards a customer when purchasing from an FBA seller or directly from Amazon, covers product refunds.

If one of the following situations occurs, you may ask for a refund with the A-to-Z Guarantee:

  • Three days have elapsed after the expected delivery date’s maximum, and you still haven’t gotten your shipment, whichever comes first on the tracking.
  • You have asked the seller to accept a return because the order you received was not what you had anticipated.
  • Even though you used a trackable delivery method to return the item, the vendor has not yet refunded you.

Follow the steps below to obtain a refund for an Amazon product’s warranty.

  1. Access Your Orders.
  2. Click “Problem with the order” after finding the order in the list.
  3. Choose your issue from the list.
  4. Choose “Request refund.”
  5. Comment in the message box with your thoughts.
  6. Click “Submit.”

Amazon will examine the products once you’ve received them and decide if you qualify for a refund. A few days to three weeks may pass throughout this procedure.

Amazon may deduct a restocking charge of approximately 20% of the sales price.

Request for Repairs

If you decide to have your damaged item repaired, follow the steps below.

  1. Get online and visit the returns center.
  2. Choose “Return Items” and then the broken item.
  3. Mark as flawed. In the comments, describe the problem. For assessment purposes, be as thorough as you can.
  4. If the proposed DIY fixes don’t fix the problem, then
  5. To the service provider, process the delivery. Verify the accuracy of the delivery addresses.
  6. Print off the return label and abide by the handling and packaging guidelines.

Note that the service provider may speak with you directly to get information. Include any detachable items in the return package if there are any.


Because of their dedication to satisfying their clients, Amazon is the dominant eCommerce platform.

The A to Z Guarantee, which provides a safety net for all items sold on Amazon, is this foundation.

When purchasing from Amazon, customers feel confident in the quality of their products, and Amazon’s extensive warranty enhances the customer’s buying experience.


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