Why Is IKEA Customer Service So Bad? (7 Reasons Why)

Why Is IKEA Customer Service So Bad

Do you know why is IKEA’s customer service so bad? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Do you have problems with an order from IKEA, and their customer service team doesn’t seem to know what to do? You’re not alone; plenty of their customers report having issues with the company each year.

There are several reasons why IKEA’s customer service is lacking, so make sure you keep reading to learn more!

You’ll have an easier time with your order when you know what to expect from the company.

1. Online Orders Often Have Missing Parts

Customers’ most common complaint with IKEA is that their order has missing parts. To build it, you need to have everything with the furniture item, and missing pieces can be highly frustrating.

Plus, once you realize there’s a part missing, you’ll need to contact customer service to get a replacement. Then, you’ll need to wait for the missing pieces to come through the mail.

In the meantime, you can’t use the furniture item that you already paid for. It’s an extremely frustrating process.

2. Getting the Missing Parts Takes Forever

On top of that, getting the missing parts back from IKEA can take an extremely long time. Each IKEA location can take a different amount of time to send out missing parts, so you probably won’t know when to expect the package. That can make it very hard to plan where you must be on delivery day.

According to IKEA, you should get the replacement parts between three and ten days. Smaller pieces arrive between three and five days, while the larger parts can take longer than a week to get to you.

And that’s not counting the time it takes to contact IKEA’s customer support. If you email them, they won’t send the part out until they respond to your message, which can take a few days of back-and-forth communication.

Waiting for the spare parts is frustrating, especially if you need the furniture as soon as possible. You may be unable to use your new furniture item for a few weeks while you wait for the spare parts to come in.

3. There are Frequent Delivery Delays

You should also expect delivery delays when ordering from this store. The company has had increasing delays with delivering their orders for a few reasons.

The company says that supply shortages are the most significant issue that causes delays. They say they’ve been having trouble getting their products from manufacturing sites in other countries.

Delivery days are incredibly inconvenient, and customer service really can’t do anything to help you. If you took off work to receive a furniture order and it never came, you’re out of luck.

The worst part is that IKEA won’t let you know the order was delayed ahead of time, so you won’t find out until the package doesn’t arrive.

Customer service might not be able to tell you when to expect it either. It could come a few days later or a few weeks.

4. They Take a Long Time To Process Refunds

If your order isn’t what you expected, you’ll probably want to refund it. While IKEA has an excellent return policy, they often process refunds for weeks or months before giving you your money back.

The customer support team is also very unreliable when it comes to refunds. You’ll need to contact them over the phone since they can’t process returns and refunds through their website chat.

Overall, getting a refund from IKEA can be challenging due to issues with the customer service team. Many people give up halfway through and don’t get their money back.

5. They Might Cancel Your Order Randomly

On top of all that, IKEA might cancel your order before you ever see it. You won’t get a warning when this happens.

IKEA has a slow online system, so many of their products show up as being in stock when they really aren’t. The staff will cancel your order and refund you when this happens, but the process can take several weeks.

With the technology large corporations have access to today, there’s no real reason for them to have such a slow system that causes problems like these.

6. They Have Poor Communication With Their Customers

Additionally, the customer service team doesn’t communicate well with their customers. You probably won’t get an answer if you contact them with a question. 

The company also has many problems with its customer support phone lines and online chats. So, if you get in touch with someone from IKEA, you’ll probably lose connection and have to start over.

The entire process is extremely frustrating, and you’ll spend hours on hold waiting for someone to speak with.

7. They Don’t Seem To Care About Their Customers

IKEA is a major brand, so they have the resources to offer excellent customer service, but they just don’t.

Many customers feel like the brand doesn’t care about them after they make the sale due to how unresponsive the customer service team is.

IKEA does not often ask customers to come to one of their stores to pick up a missing item or part from an online order.

However, most people who order online do so because there’s no IKEA store nearby. The whole process can be highly inconvenient.

The surge of negative reviews started in November 2020, leading to the store’s current rating of only 1.5 stars on Trustpilot.

Many reviewers mentioned it being impossible to contact store employees, having missing parts in their orders, and not receiving refunds for furniture that never showed up.

These reviews indicate that IKEA is careless regarding its customers, especially when smaller businesses don’t have these problems.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there’s a reason why you’ll find so many negative reviews of IKEA online. Their customer service lines aren’t good, leaving their customers hanging for hours.

When they do connect, dropped calls are common. 

Overall, if you’re planning on shopping with IKEA, you’ll want to stay aware of these issues. You can start the refund process right away when something goes wrong.

Check your order carefully for all the parts before you begin building since missing parts are also prevalent. 



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