Why Is Comcast Customer Service So Bad? (10 Reasons Why)

Why is Comcast Customer Service So Bad

Do you know why is Comcast customer service so bad? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Comcast repeatedly ranks lowest in customer service across a wide metric of providers, but why is that?

What makes Comcast customer service so abysmal? Here are the top 10 reasons why Comcast is considered to have the worst customer service on the market:

  1. They’re too big
  2. Communication is poor
  3. They don’t train their employees
  4. They outsource jobs
  5. Their software is archaic
  6. Customer service is forced to push sales
  7. Employees are treated poorly
  8. They overprice their bundles
  9. The fees are astronomical
  10. They won’t let you cancel

There are a number of reasons Comcast’s customer service is considered to be the worst, and the rest of this article will dive into the problems with Comcast’s business model.

1. They’re Too Big

If this sounds like an excuse, that’s because it is. Comcast themselves have defended their poor customer service as a function of the size of their operation.

Yes, Comcast is a large organization, but the issue is that there’s no interdepartmental communication, training, or company-wide ethical guidelines when it comes to customer service, making the whole operating a gigantic mess.

2. Communication Is Poor

When it comes to trying to communicate with Comcast, it seems no one knows what’s going on.

From inexperienced, uninformed customer service representatives to awful interdepartmental communication, there’s simply no symmetry among coworkers at Comcast to create an organized customer service program that proactively helps customers with their needs and anticipates those needs to ensure future customers don’t keep experiencing the same problem.

3. They Don’t Train Their Employees

The biggest problem with Comcast is that they don’t train their employees properly. Whether it’s outsourced work or pushy sales representatives, Comcast does a remarkably poor job of instilling company values into their representatives and training them to know their stuff.

The most frustrating part of a call to customer service is when the representative doesn’t know any more about the problem than you do, and unfortunately, this problem is far too common at Comcast.

4. They Outsource Jobs

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with outsourcing jobs in some places, but as a predominantly American telecommunications conglomerate, hiring customer service representatives who can’t communicate effectively in the client’s native language is just poor business practice and increases frustration for both employee and client.

Of course, speaking English as a second language isn’t the problem; rather, the problem is that Comcast is hiring individuals who have no personal connection to the company, don’t espouse its values, and can’t connect with their customers.

5. Their Software Is Archaic

Whether it’s sheer stubbornness or an unwillingness to fix the core issues with their services, Comcast simply isn’t doing enough to handle their software issues.

Many customers call customer service in the first place for all-too-common technical issues, including one disgruntled customer who purchased an on-demand movie only to have it freeze and crash two minutes into viewing.

Recurring technical issues are frustrating for customers and put a lot more pressure on customer service representatives as well.

6. Customer Service Is Forced to Push Sales

If you’ve ever called Comcast, then you know just how pushy their salespeople can be.

It’s absolutely ludicrous just how much employees will try to upsell your plans, offer you faster internet (for a price), or try to talk you out of downgrading.

The unfortunate part is—it really isn’t their fault. Each call is monitored and recorded, and Comcast clearly encourages their customer service representatives to push sales as much as possible.

Those who don’t run the risk of being fired for not going along with company protocol. As such, you’re left with the customer service reps who are aggressively pushing sales on unwilling customers.

7. Employees Are Treated Poorly

If the rest of Comcast’s questionable business decisions mean anything, then it’s safe to say that Comcast does not value their employees.

Being undertrained, coerced into pushing sales onto customers, and constantly contacted by customers who are experiencing the same tedious problem does not make for a healthy work environment, and a lot of former Comcast employees report feeling overwhelmed at their job, whether by a lack of on-the-job training or stress.

8. They Overprice Their Bundles

It’s no secret that Comcast is an expensive service with vastly overpriced bundles and underdelivered services.

It’s almost understandable that their customer service representatives often feel so frustrated having to defend the legitimacy of charges against your account, especially when you are wrongly charged for something or slapped with an unexpected fee.

These representatives are expected to tow the line, forcing sales down customers’ throats and making it extremely difficult for them to actually help resolve the issue.

9. The Fees Are Astronomical

Another major factor that makes so many customers disgruntled towards Comcast is their outrageous fees of service.

No one enjoys paying fees, much less fees that are hidden on your account until your bill rolls in.

Of course, this plays into customer dissatisfaction and the numerous other issues with customer service to leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

10. They Won’t Let You Cancel

There are a number of alarming horror stories out there about Comcast simply refusing to transfer phone numbers to a new provider, instead using inflammatory and deceptive rhetoric to get customers to stay with Comcast.

These conversations are already extremely unpleasant to have with customer service representatives, and they prove to be even more so when the representative is constantly trying to downplay your attempt to cancel service or transfer a phone number by offering slightly discounted rates or, in some cases, making the transfer process a living nightmare.

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that Comcast has earned a terrible reputation for their years of poor customer service and lack of commitment to quality.

Their customer service representatives are often not native English speakers, are prompted to push sales at all costs, and show no respect for customers.

Worst of all, many Comcast representatives simply don’t have the training to help resolve customer disputes or issues that may arise over the phone, making any attempt to resolve issues with Comcast service a terrible ordeal.



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